Analyze. Teach. Refine.

You are either wanting to grow, ready to start preparing for growth, or have found a challenge preventing growth. Whichever scenario you find yourself in…It’s time to align.  

refining processes and preparing clients for growth. 



Align comes with a relationship approach keeping in mind three things.

1. Each individual is uniquely critical to your operation.

2. Each of your goals comes with a why & a when.

3. Preparing for the growth you’re about to have, is often more important than the work it takes to actually make the growth happen.



You’ve stumbled upon a talented & versitle team ready to help you cover all the bases! “One Stop Shop” is so cliche, but really it fits pretty well. We don’t only want to cover your business development, but the personal development of you and your team as well. It all works together!

We’ve tried to think of everything, but inevitably there will be a need we hadn’t thought of. This is why we have dug, researched, and interviewed to find partners that we trust. If we don’t have the expertise in an area that you need, we won’t claim to be the experts. We will, however, find and vet the expert for you. It doesn’t have to be lonely at the top, especially in a time of growth and growing pains. We’re here for it, let’s get started!

we start with the basics. 

the road to operational refinement


 We will dive head first into your business. How is your structure? What is your culture? Do you have a process? Do you have goals? Does anyone else know of these goals? Do you have the right butts in the right seats? Are your team members happy? (What are they saying about the organization when you’re not around?)

Are you missing pieces in your process? How many growth points do you have, and do they align directly with your goals?  


Investing in your team is vital for growth. Whether it be the essential courses that you want each team member to have as a part of their training, or a course that we decide on together based on a challenge you have found within your organization or possibly with a specific team member, Align has the curriculum and the experience to provide and facilitate a learning environment that is directed at growing attendees both personally and professionally.


Once we’ve analyzed from the east to the west, Align with provide suggestions and recommendations. As part of a relationship with Align, we will stay with you to test and refine every aspect of the business. Your goals quickly become our goals. You’ll be absolutely amazed at what an extra set of eyes and ears can pick up simply because we are able to step back with a fresh, deep, birds-eye view into your organization. 

package options

We have several package templates available for simplicity, however each is customizable to your specific needs, goals, & structure. No two companies are the same, nor should they be. In order to truly dive deep into your organization & team, we’d perfer to tailor our relationship to each client specifically. Schedule a free Phone or Video consultation to meet with our team & assess what’s going to work best for you & your team.

White Board Session

4 Hour

1,2 or 3 Day

Week Retreat (5 Days w/ Follow Up)

Monthly 4 hour sessions

Demographic  & Target Audience Identification

Ideal Persona Identification

Deep Dive 

Systems & Processes

Team, Tasks, & Leadership

Goals, Growth, & Implementation

Operational Refinement Deep Dive

Ongoing Relationship


Accountability Partners

Growth & Implementation Strategy

Monthly In House Day

together with our trusted partners, your experience can be streamlined

We have partnered with others who we feel fit the culture and match the passion that we have. We’d be happy to link arms, connect, & manage the relationship for you. Less for you to have to worry about & keep track of! 

  • Virtual Assistants

  • Hiring & Personality Assessments

  • Marketing Strategy & Implementation

  • Branding

  • IT Solutions

  • Event & Promotion Coordination

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